Best Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Best Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Best Wedding Dress Shopping Tips. Mobile Image

Oct 13, 2020

With over a decade of experience in helping Chicago brides Say Yes to the Dress, the consultants at Bri'Zan Couture in Naperville are ready to share their best tips with future brides-to-be! During your two hour appointment, you'll have plenty of time to try on, twirl, admire and fall in love with your dream gown!




Sue: CEO/President    


I’ve worked with clients for almost 13 years and I can tell you this with 100% confidence, connect with your consultant so she can truly understand your style.  


Our consultants are passionate about their job! They know our motto “Your Day. Your Dress.”, is so much more than just a saying. It’s how we run our business.  


Sure, the sale is important but not as important as making you feel confident and beautiful. Our consultants are trained to make sure you’ve found the right gown and understand cues you might not even be aware of.   


When you work with someone who’s passionate about weddings, trust them and their opinion!


Alice:  Bridal Consultant


Make sure to eat and hydrate before your appointment! Trying on wedding gowns for 2 hours takes a lot of energy and its surprising but you can be exhausted afterwords.


It's natural to feel a little anxious before your appointment. Don’t feel pressure to know exactly what you are looking for in a gown. If you are not sure, tell me that. We will work together to find your perfect gown. Be honest. If you do not like a dress you are in, tell me. If you are not sure why you don't like it and just aren't feeling the dress, thats ok.


Never feel like you need to convince yourself to love a dress. If your entourage loves a dress but you don’t, be honest. They will love anything you choose because you love it and they love you!


Anna: Assistant to the President, Special Occasions & Bridesmaids Consultant  


Choose your Bride Tribe wisely! Have the people who absolutely need to be there like mothers or sisters but it’s overall a better, less stressful experience when you are selective.


Your group must support and understands who you are, what you like and don’t like and especially understand this is your day - it’s all about you choosing your gown. 


While everyone has opinions, the ONLY one who knows how you’re feeling is you. 


Daniella: Social Media Coordinator  


Bring your favorite girl squad, some champagne, an optimistic attitude, and remember to have fun!!


Buying a wedding dress is one of the many reminders that you are that much closer to the big day!! It is a reminder and symbol of LOVE!


Enjoy every laugh, tear, hug, and smile that happens in your appointment! These special moments are one’s you are going to remember forever!



Kennedy: Special Occasions & Bridesmaids Consultant  


Make sure you bring your “yes crew!” That crew includes everyone you feel you need to help you say “yes to the dress” so there is nothing holding you back!


In my experience, I have found that even if you find “the dress” it’s difficult to say yes without having the “ok” from everyone.


So you don’t leave your appointment disappointed, bring the important people on your first visit!


It so important to remember that excitement of finding your wedding gown - it's a life moment - and we want to celebrate you!


Mary Ann: Bridal Consultant  


Don’t base your choice of gown on the time of year of your wedding. For example long sleeves don’t have to be there because your getting married in the winter.


 If you have a certain silhouette in mind remember that all designers don’t cut them exactly the same-keep trying!  


We hear this all the time from our our brides - “I never thought that would look good on me.” Try on a style or styles you didn’t think you’d like-you never know- you might surprise yourself.


Jess: Special Occasions & Bridesmaids Consultant  


My 5% rule. I always tell my girls—if there’s a dress that caught your eye but you don’t know if you love it or hate it, try it on.


Experiencing the slightest bump in curiosity may just mean you've found your dark horse...with unexpected perfection. 


Traci: Director of Marketing Communications  


In 30 years you won’t remember how much your dress cost, but you’ll always remember how you felt in it.


Your gown should make you feel beautiful and confident. When you look in the mirror, and later when you look back at your photos, that's how you want to feel. 


You never want to look back and say ‘I should have…’ So if the gown you love is a little over your budget, it’s worth the splurge.


Even though it’s just a dress - it is THE dress.  



Briana: Bridal Consultant


Before coming in the store, have some ideas of what you think you want to try on. We'll look at the dresses together and select the ones you love.


However...try on all styles even if you think you won’t like it and let your consultant guide and help you. 

Bring the people that matter to you most is more important than anything! More than that becomes overwhelming. I'd recommend 2 -3 others. 


Come excited to your appointment, but not already overwhelmed or anxious. Trying on gowns is a lot of work for the bride! 


If you’ve been to 3 stores prior, than you’ve already exhausted yourself and your not giving yourself the best opportunity to find “the one.”


Mikayla: Bridal Consultant


Don’t hesitate to be honest with your consultant!


I always tell my brides that in the right dress they will feel 100% confident, and that’s part of what makes the dress so beautiful and stunning on you! 


I would say it’s important to try on different styles, but also different amounts of beading and types of materials!


You might fall in love with something once you see yourself wearing it!



Rosie: Bridal Consultant    

Be open to customizations! One of the key advantages to shopping in a boutique is alterations.    

If you see a certain gown you really like but would rather change the straps or a detail about it, we can always show you how we can customize it.

Don’t be discouraged to pull a dress just because it doesn’t look 100% to you yet.   

We want you to have your dream dress and will figure out a way to make that happen.


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