Help! My Wedding Dress Got Dirty - Wedding Dress Preservation

Help! My Wedding Dress Got Dirty - Wedding Dress Preservation. Mobile Image

Nov 04, 2020

Even in the best of conditions, wedding dresses get dirty.  Champagne spills, city streets and rain can all leave their mark on your gown. 


What's a bride to do? 


After all the time you spent finding your gown, make sure you take the time to preserve it for the future.


At Bri'Zan's, we only trust your gown to BridalKare Gown Preservation (established in 1890) where they clean thousands of gowns every year. Best part - your satisfaction in 100% guaranteed. Here’s what happens:

1. A soiled gown is accepted for cleaning.

2. During an initial inspection, your gown's condition is noted.

3. Your gown is carefully and expertly cleaned.

4. Loose beading or other minor repairs are made.

5. Your gown is completely checked for spots or stains.

6. Any necessary recleaning or wet cleaning is completed.

7. Your gown is steam pressed, busted and stuffed with acid free tissue.

8. Your gown is boxed and sealed with a heavy grade Cryovac film.

9. Lastly, your gown is now preserved and ready for safe shipping.


Full Disclosure - this gown came into our store 9 months after the wear date - which happened on a very, very, very rainy October day.  It came back...looking perfect! 






Main Image: TWA Photographic Artists 


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