Meet Carie from Luxe and Scents!

Meet Carie from Luxe and Scents!

Meet Carie from Luxe and Scents!. Mobile Image

Meet Carie Lopez, lead Soapologist and owner of Luxe & Scents!


How did you come up with your business name?


I was creating great smelling soap & skin care products that were luxurious for your skin. I began using the word, LUXE, long before it was trendy and LUXE & SCENTS seemed to simply convey my product offering.


Tell us what you do? What products or services do you offer?


I am an Artisanal Soapmaker.

My product offerings do vary from time to time, but you can always count on finding artisanal soap, emulsified body scrub and bath bombs in our online shop.



Tell us what inspired you to start your business, your why.


Many years ago, I was diagnosed with a pulmonary autoimmune disease and in my quest to heal I unearthed the dirty secrets behind the toxins in personal care products. I embarked on a mission to provide my family with non-toxic personal care products.


I realized on this journey some had turned soap making into an art form and I became blissfully aware I could combine both functionality and creativity to create a beautiful bar of soap that also cleaned and nourished skin. I was hooked.



What makes you unique?


I commend anyone’s efforts to create soap and skin care products - it’s not easy to do it well. But I had noticed the handmade skin care market sort of made you choose between an attractive product that used the synthetic ingredients I was trying to avoid or bland products that didn’t carry the same aesthetic or where scents faded.


I was determined to create products that were both visually appealing and fantastically fragranced without all the stuff we can’t pronounce in the ingredient statement.


What are your price ranges?


Our products range between $3 and $10.



What one thing that happens to brides that makes you cringe!


It was really difficult to watch hopeful brides suspended in limbo during Covid as they watched their wedding day dreams unravel. In normal times, it is just the worst to me when vendors let their brides down. There is just no excuse for not fulfilling a commitment during such a special time when there is already so much to think about.


Trusting that your hired (and often already paid) vendors will come through should not be something an expectant bride should have to deal with.


How do you want your clients to remember you?


As someone who cares enough to deliver a lovely and consistent product, who was a pleasure to deal with, and most importantly as someone who really cares about people.


Best piece of wedding advice


Don’t let all the details surrounding the day diminish the ultimate purpose of your special day. If the one you desire to spend the rest of your days with is standing by your side, you have accomplished your mission.



What else do we need to know?


Never underestimate the delight you’ll receive when you gift someone with soap. It’s one of the most practical and pretty surprises you can give. I love hearing people say, “This is soap?! But it’s so pretty!”



Best way for clients to reach you.


Social and website information
Instagram: @luxeandscents
Facebook: The Luxe & Scents Soap Shop
Tik Tok: Luxe_and_scents

Featured in the Celebration Society
The Knot Best Of Weddings 2023
Best Of Naperville 2019
Best of Naperville Award 2021
Couple's Choice Awards 2020
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