Meet  Pamela, Owner & Lead Designer at Bloome!

Meet  Pamela, Owner & Lead Designer at Bloome!

Meet  Pamela, Owner & Lead Designer at Bloome!. Mobile Image

Meet the Pamela Klein, Owner & Lead Designer at Bloome!


How did you come up with your business name?
To bloom is to flourish in beauty, freshness or excellence. So as our young company was growing, morphing from a well-loved hobby to an actual business, we felt we were blossoming...blooming...and saw a parallel to what we created as a goal for our clients: to make beautiful. And, of course there is a tie-in to the verb's traditional use in botanical life: to produce or yield flowers. We added the "e" on the end for no other reason that we loved the way it looked. Artists do that, sometimes :-)
Tell us about Bloome.
Bloome is a boutique floral and event design studio devoted to building relationships with our clients as we curate unique, memorable, floral creations and event decor tailored specifically to the visions and dreams they have for their special occasion, gift, holiday or daily life at home. And when our design space isn't being used, we are pleased to make it available for private gatherings.


Tell us what inspired you to start your business, your why.

There's so much creative history that brought me to where I am today - but my floral business began when a friend asked me to help design flowers for a rehearsal dinner.

Read more about Pamela and how she created her amazing floral business here.


What are your price ranges?


Bloome does not have package pricing. Pamela's process starts with a conversation in order to provide any potential client with an informed quote for their celebration.

"Maybe you have a figure in mind. Perhaps you don't. Bloome is committed to helping you discover the investment required for your unique dream & vision."
For Full Design Services (Bridal Party, Ceremony & Reception Florals, with Event Decor)
most Bloome clients have a budget within one of these three tiers:
$4,500 - $7,500
$8,000 - $12,000
You can read more about their design process here.










What makes you unique?
The flowers and foliage Bloome uses are sourced directly from their growers and so much of our product comes from local farms when in season. And as we design and create with each stem, we keep our beautiful world in mind, making every effort to leave as small a footprint as possible by limiting the use of foam and other harmful products. We offer you complimentary use of our inventory of unique containers and glassware to minimize consumption. 
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What one thing that happens to brides that makes you cringe?
Having to sweat the small stuff! Forgot to tell us you have 2 ushers that need boutonnieres? Really want your flower girl to wear a flower crown when you thought she was just going to carry a basket with petals down the aisle? But you feel like that change is just too "last minute" to communicate? Not with us. We want what you want and we'll make it happen...without changing the bottom line on your invoice! We have our brides covered from start to finish...down to the last design detail...or whim! Would I want my own daughter stressed the week of one of the most important days of her life? I treat my brides like my own daughters.


What do you want your clients to remember?
Even more than the quality and beautiful we will make for you, we want to be remembered as kind, patient, generous and joyful. We're like family when it's all over ;-) Like I said. Like my own.


Best piece of wedding advice.
By all means honor your budget--but recognize the priceless value of a wedding vendor partner you just intangibly feel you "click with" and find a way to make it work. You will never be disappointed.
Best ways for clients to reach you.


The best way to reach us: Submit through our website here


Social and website information


     Website: Bloome 

     Facebook: Bloom Floral

     Instagram: @bloomefloral   




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