Seven FAQ's for the Mother of the Bride and Groom

Seven FAQ's for the Mother of the Bride and Groom

Seven FAQ's for the Mother of the Bride and Groom. Mobile Image

Sep 10, 2020


Becoming a Mother of the Bride/Groom means one thing...your child is getting married!


While you may be well versed in all things Mom, learning to navigate the new world of the soon-to-be married is quite another. For all you first time MOB and MOG, we've got some advice to share on commonly seven commonly asked questions. 


1.  How far in advance should I order my dress? 


To give yourself enough time for special order gowns to arrive and for alterations, plan on 6 months.  Most gowns take 4 months to arrive and then you'll need to come in for at least one fitting.  If you are buying off the rack, try to allow yourself 6 weeks for alterations.


2.  Do I need to match the bridal party?


Quick answer is it depends.  When shopping, think about who will be in the photographs that will be displayed in your home.  If someone will be a member of the bridal party (another daughter or daughter in law) you will want to make sure you blend together.  If the only picture will be of you and the happy couple, it's not as important.  That being said, the number one rule in all things wedding is what the bride says goes!


3. Can the Mother of the Groom and I wear the same color?


Same as the previous answer - it depends.  While a photo will be taken of all the parents and the bride and groom, ask yourself if that picture will be displayed in anyone's home or just in a photo album. Make a decision based on that and don't forget the number one rule of weddings...what the bride says goes!


4. I want sleeves and this dress doesn't have them. Should I keep looking?


Not to worry.  Don't pass up a sleeveless gown you love just because there are no sleeves.  They can be added to just about any dress!  Extra fabric can be ordered or sheer sleeves can be constructed.  Our talented seamstress will have your guests thinking your dress came that way!


5.  What shape will look best on me?


Our advice is to try on a few different styles and find the shape you like best. From there try on as many in that shape till you find your dress.  We can also add a v-neck to a scoop neck. Replace a zipper with a corset. Create a high/low hem.  Make a skirt fuller or take out tulle.  Just ask and we can tell you how we can customize your gown. 


6. How will I know when I find the one?


Just like with our brides, the best tell is when you don't want to take the dress off!  You need to look in the mirror and feel confident and beautiful and the only one who can make the decision in you!  DO NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS!


7.  What's a good budget for a MOB/MOG dress?


A well constructed gown that will hold it's shape (and create a knock out one for you) and not loose beads will cost more than one that will.  Keep in mind that you've known since your daugther/son were born this day was coming. It's right up there with your biggest life moments...your wedding, their birth, their wedding. While you may not be the star, you certainly play a huge role and deserve some fan fare! Most of our gowns run between $300 and $700 and when you come in, we'll help you find gowns in your budget. 


BONUS TIP: Any tips for looking long and lean in photos no matter how short I am ?


Of course we have some! (see image above for inspiration!)


First, never let your arms touch your sides in photos.  Create space between them and your dress be that hand on hip or hand on thigh. 


Second, rest your weight on your back foot and place the other slightly in front. 


Third, pull those shoulders back and down and put your chin forward.  


Fourth, wear a heel, even a little one and bring more comfortable shoes for the reception. Heels just make you stand differently. 


While this all may sound awkward, it makes a HUGE difference.  Our advice is to practice in front of a mirror until it feels natural. 

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