Wedding Dress Shopping Myths: Why they are just Urban Legends

Wedding Dress Shopping Myths: Why they are just Urban Legends

Dec 18, 2020

We've all heard about wedding dress shopping fiascoes. While it’s one of the most fun and beautiful parts of the wedding planning process, it can also feel like there’s a lot of pressure on finding “the one.” On top of all that, it seems like everyone is offering their unsolicited opinion, warning you about what could go wrong from an experience they read about on the internet or heard from a “friend of a friend.” To put your mind at ease, we’ve put together a list of common misconceptions brides have when shopping for a wedding dress to set the record straight once and for all! Read on to see these wedding dress misconceptions get straightened out.




Myth: Bridal shops upsize to make money on alterations 

This is a common thought among bridal shoppers, especially when they see dresses being pinned back during a wedding dress fitting.  What really happens is after you’ve found your gown, measurements are taken and then appropriately matched to the size chart given by the manufacturer. Wedding dress sizes are ordered based on the bride’s largest measurement. This is not to rip people off, but because it is actually much easier to take a wedding dress in than to let it out.


In our boutique, there is no added charge during alterations if there is extra fabric to work with on fitting to the bride’s perfect shape. If the dress is too small, then the bride is looking at additional alterations costs such as extra fabric, extra beading and most cringe worthy, extra stress for the bride! So ordering larger than you initially thought (bridal sizing runs smaller than street sizing) won’t hurt your pocketbook, it actually might save you a bit of change in the long run. 






Here’s one thing we’ve noticed through the years: more girls means more opinions. Shopping for your wedding dress shouldn’t feel like you’re trying to negotiate where to eat for dinner or what movie to see. This is a special moment about how you feel, and you shouldn’t have to worry about performing or being a crowd pleaser. Bringing the friends and loved one’s who love you love most, and who have your best interests at heart is a sure way to feel more comfortable and cared for during this magical moment.



Myth: You should shop at as many boutiques as possible to find your wedding dress 

If you’re popping into boutiques around all over town, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by all the information, drowning in a sea of wedding dresses you feel “meh” about. A confused mind more often than not says “no.” Do your research on finding a bridal boutique that offers you the type of experience you’re looking for, and that you feel that will be there for you along the way. Additionally, if you’re really taken care of by a bridal boutique, then you can expect the alterations and fitting processes to go smoothly as well.



Myth: I didn’t cry. It’s not my dress!

Thanks to the beauty of television, today’s brides feel if this doesn't happen, it’s not the gown. What we’ve learned is this is not real life! Crying or not crying, your focus needs to center on how the dress makes you feel. Your gown should make you feel two things: beautiful and confident. We’re talking shoulders back, head high and the “I’m never taking this dress off” kind of feeling. If that’s what you see when you look in the mirror, you’re done shopping!


Myth: You only wear a wedding dress once, why invest in it?

The wedding dress has a way of making itself the star of the show. It’s what people are most looking forward to seeing as you walk down the aisle. It’s what makes a bride feel like a bride. While some people may see wedding dresses as a one time gig, its legacy is everlasting. You should try to find a wedding dress that makes you light up every time you look at the photos of your wedding for years to come. Every time you walk past the picture you want to feel something, and it shouldn't feel like you've short changed yourself.  Don’t settle for anything less!



We hope that righting these bridal shopping misconceptions has helped put you more at ease, and has made you feel excited about finding the dress of your dreams! 

If you’re looking for a stunning wedding dress in the Naperville, IL area, make an appointment at Bri’Zan Couture to find the wedding dress you’ve been daydreaming about. What are you waiting for? Your dream dress awaits…

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