Winter Wedding of Erica and Matt

Winter Wedding of Erica and Matt

Winter Wedding of Erica and Matt. Mobile Image

Jan 04, 2021


Pinterest boards, Instagram pages, online searches - they all provide endless visuals and inspiration for planning your wedding day.  Over time, the vision of your wedding goes from something you’ve just dreamed about to a well orchestrated event. Your wedding timeline maps out what will happen at precise moments during your wedding day. With less than 10 days to go, you are ready to get the party started.


But then, the global pandemic knocks on your door. 


And you are left with two choices: postpone or pivot. 


Our beautiful Bride Erica and her husband Matt choose ‘pivot’ and created a wedding day that was not their original vision yet was better than anything they could have imagined. 



Tell us how you met!  


We met initially on a dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel, and then we met in person for the first time at The Standard Bar in Wicker Park. A few beers, nachos and discovering many things in common, and the rest is history.



Please Share Your Best Wedding Day Advice.  


No matter what happens, you are marrying your life partner. That was at the forefront of our minds as our plans continued to change due to the pandemic and during our wedding day. Like everyone says, the wedding day goes so fast and just enjoy the magic and love you feel through the whole day.



What Dress Shopping Advice Would You Give a Future Bride? 


Enjoy the process and appreciate that the dress is 100% your choice.



Let us know all the wonderful details of your love story and what you did to personalize your wedding day!  


Much of our wedding was personalized and unique, as a result of Covid. In the end, it was a blessing to be grateful for. 


Matt and I changed our wedding venue to my mom and dad's backyard with 8 days to go to the big day (all thanks to My Chef Catering). We initially planned to have 130 people, and then we ended up having an intimate group of 24 family members.


It was personal and intimate. I’ve always been a homebody, especially growing up at my mom and dad’s house, so I found it to be perfectly fitting to have my wedding reception at home. 


Because of the small group, I felt like I could spend genuine time with everyone in attendance. Matt and I could sit and enjoy our dinner at our sweetheart table without feeling like we needed to go and greet everyone during dinner. 


We still had a small dance floor and we had a blast dancing the night away. 


There were many days leading up to the wedding that were incredibly stressful and debated pausing the planning. With the strength and support of our families, we were able to have an incredible day that was memorable, magical and a time we will never forget.






Wedding Date: November 21, 2020

Photographer's Website: Wes Craft Photography

Venue: My Chef Catering & Erica's parents' backyard

Florist: Shamrock Garden Florist

Hair and Makeup: Angela Makeup Chicago

Dress with Custom Back: Bri'Zan Couture








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